Five 2 One: Issue 2 Cover


The Human Race by Anthony Ward
Self-destruction by Valentina Cano
A Blessed Blossoms by Ron Koppelberger
Mental Arson by William Doreski
Officer Friendly by Donal Mahoney
The Death of a Stray by Douglas Polk
After the Fire that Was Our House by G.A. Saindon
Personals ad 25/16 by Ben Nardolilli
Say it Ain’t So by Mike Berger
Winter Stalingrad by Stanley Morris Noah
The Ghosts of May by Steve Klepetar
Pearls To Diamonds by April A.
Solitary by David Frazier


Fucking Columbus by Tom Quinn
Terror Tracks by Matthew Wilson
Rock and Roll Soul by Nathanial Tower
Freaks I have Known by Allen Kopp