Five 2 One Magazine Issue 5 Cover


Sweeping by J. Lynn Sheridan
Painting the Nuns by Cari Oleskewicz
Epileptic Highway by Kyle Rhoads
An Entrance, Like An Artery by James Gordon
By the Lake by Ben Lamont
I Want So- by Tory J Fox
December 4th by Unique
Brown by Morgan Drolet
Pig-stygian Kitchen by John Roth
Streaming Internet Radio by Laurin Macios
The End by Cheryl A. Van Beek
Weathervanes by Jason Gordon
Deep Hollows by Olivia Lin Deluca
Writing On Walls by John Murphy
Weep for Me by Nick Wallace
Another One by Chad Beattie
Language of Arm Hair by Karin Mitchell
Barren by Monica Lugo
Behind the Lines by Steve de France
Wedding Wall by Sy Roth
Don’t Think Too Much by Mallory Ewer-Speck
Bats in the Attic by Bruce McRae
A Visit Home by Rebecca Remillard
Chords (A Diagram) by Chris John
The Horn of Fog at Thrity by Riley H Welcker
Drinking Beer in a Phonebooth (Back When I Didn’t Give A Damn) by Paul Gurreiri
Regeneration by Andres Montoya
After the Rapture by Zachary Vaudo
Epilogue to an Existence by William Jackson
Mythology of the Drunk Creative by Alex Schmidt
The Surrealist War Poem by Jacob Woods
The Girl and the Emu by Nick Counts
Disposable Camera by Emma Mason
Skin by Annabelle Goll
Lost Child by Adam Shields
The Man With One Eye Holds the Key to Truth by J.A McGovern


Exposure by Katrina Kim
Nebraska by Eric Wilson
H.D.H.C. by Greg McWhorter
Felt by Jonathan Pigno
Beneficiary by Rosie Picone
Mera Green Haathi (My Green Elephant) by Sonia Cheruvillil
Tad Waller: Drink Chun-a-lug by Hal Wert
Consequences by Miles Lizak
He Was Chipper I Was Beedrill by Alex England
Dream Harvest by Katherine Thurmond Clark
Anniversry by Siobhan Thompson
The Nazi by Olafur Gunnarsson