Five 2 One Magazine Issue 6 Cover


Our Love is a Firearm by Bennet Durkan
Deformation by Christine Hasen
Character Study by Karla Gomez
Your Art, Dear Lady for Sylvia Plath by Summer Jenkins
Dockweiler by Thomas Skahill
Ida by Christopher Soto
Winter Sun by Alana Costello
Tapestry by Craig Mcvay
Caress by Implication by Jonana Ellsworth
Checklist by Rojas Michelle
Night Molting by Julia Aroaz
Cosmic Letter to My Lover by Kerrin Shinners
Her Sleep Smells Like Bruised Apples by Kent Weigle
Electra by Jay DeFazio
Sins by Julie Syr
Tasting Scriptures by Lavinia Roberts
Skeltons by April Nerison
the Dissection by Mindy Hsiao
Anne by Maya Scimca


Boy in the Box by Ian Anderson
Chivlaries Eminent Death by MD Mauzy
In Autumn by Louis Armand
Kicking a Man When He’s Down by Scott T. Hutchinson
Not the First Time by Josh Keefe
A Matter of Misunderstanding by C.W. Bigelow
The Garage Sale by Madeleine Zine