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Movement + Location Review

Movement + Location

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The Price of Not Being Alone: a review of Bodine Boling’s film Movement + Location

Reviewed by Charles Bivona

Kim is a time traveler living and working in Brooklyn, 2014. It is difficult to say more about the plot of Bodine Boling’s Movement + Location without spoiling the film.

 Movement + Location movie

Scene from Movement + Location

So much is unexpected in this familiar sci­fi plot. Kim has been in the early 21st century for three years, struggling with what she’s lost—a sense of familiarity, a feeling of home, the loved one she traveled with. Fearing he is dead, Kim spends her days working with the city’s homeless shelters, searching and hoping to be reunited. When we meet Kim, she has nearly lost hope. Our hero is grieving.

We watch her struggle with the trauma of this refugee life. She must find a way to embrace her new identity—to make friends, to fall in love—without ever telling anyone who she really is, or why she fled hundreds of years into the past.

 Movement + Location movie

Another scene from Movement + Location

As our protagonist encounters other refugees, we watch her struggle to love and honor people from her past and present. Much like a child stumbling without a guide, she learns who she can trust now with her secrets. Because a life of secrets and lies, as the film artfully states, is an isolated, unhappy life.

Bodine Boling’s Movement + Location shines a spotlight on the human drama and psychological disruption of a refugee’s life. Watch superb acting as characters assimilate, learning the everyday bits of social knowledge that we all take for granted, trying to avoid coming across hopelessly strange. Watch others try to get close to these frightened, traumatized immigrants. Movement + Location is a must see film for our time, as a new generation of refugees and their hosts attempt to adapt.

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BIO: Charles Bivona teaches, writes, and lives in New Jersey with his favorite cat and his favorite humans. Follow #njpoet on Twitter.