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October 14, 2018
It’s Spooky Season: 8 songs to get you e x c i t e for Halloween
October 16, 2018

 Listen to Kimberly Ellingson’s Readings below:


It’s fine I’m casual


I Fell in Love with a Chain Smoker and He Says I’m the Worst


MPLS in January


I Fell in Love with a Chain Smoker and He Says I’m the Worst


Watching you

Watch me

Smoking your cigarette

I let you

Light me up


Watch me burn

Throw me over your shoulder

When you’re finished

Five minutes later

Light up another

I know it’s nothing, but

Don’t you buy a nicotine patch

Meet me at 700 West Virginia, #26

Before your bartending shift

Don’t forget

I need that light again

Been practicing

Just use me

I’ll let you






MPLS in January


at our pj fashion show

you wore my sleep mask

and kissed my neck

when nobody was looking

before the dopamine crash


It’s Fine I’m Casual


Just so you know the distance is like this: it’s a small piece of paper. A bookmark lost in the sheets. Always found eventually, but until then I’m twisted up and frantic. The little wolf in me is howling. Where the fuck did you go.


Kimberly Ellingson is a writer, poet and activist. She lives in Milwaukee and is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch University Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared nowhere in particular.