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July 13, 2016
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#thesideshow July 14th 2016 Five Micro poems by Clifford Browder

Five Poems by Clifford Browder

Five Micro poems

by Clifford Browder


Your big sexy feet
Every toe, every callous, every corn
I want to caress them, kiss them, gobble them
In a spate of joy.
No fetish, just a quirk.

The engine of desire:
How something
Small, blunt, trivial
Even ludicrous
Can hoist us to the apogee of bliss.

Formula for Astonishing Success

In the murky tangle of existence
Where the subtle obscenities of living
Are pitted daily against
The bald solution
And stark atrocity of dying,
Toughen up
Brush your teeth, bare your fangs, smile
And in each amorous encounter
Be shy as thunder
Innocent as worms.







   Hot Sauce

I’ll eat you like an artichoke
Leaf by leaf nibble nibble
Then chomp into the payoff, the heart.

As an antique clock
You inspire me
To be bold as beans, patient as doom, subtle
As malign children
Or a neuron in the brain of a mosquito.

Since meeting you
I’m burnt orange and silly putty
I shrink hemorrhoids
I froth with joy.

Match me in cunning and exuberance
And we’ll leave the Place of Desolation
Cook our franks in holy water
And reveling in shock and awe
Hitchhike to Paradise.






Morning Wakens Us

Morning wakens us
Love’s aborigines
The protégés of dawn.




(A Goon Song)


Potatoes bleed
Under the ache
Of old empires
And the moon
In skillets of joy

I cannot tell you
Of the loves of oranges
Or the death
Of hope in fertilizer.

Mystical vacuum cleaners
Inconvenience tourists
In effete hotels.
Can paper clips survive?

I have dreamed
Of golden suppositories drifting
In a mauve gloom
And passion sucked
From mouths
No dentist penetrates.

Beware of beans.

How to evaluate
The kitty litter of rejuvenation
And the cracked skulls of birds?

In the wake of an old love
The hair piece remembers
The ax oozes
The octopi advance.

It is time for the sharpening of knives.

Clifford Browder is a writer living in New York City. He has published two biographies, a novel, and an award-winning selection of posts from his blog, “No Place for Normal: New York.” His poetry has appeared in numerous literary magazines.