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January 8, 2018
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January 10, 2018



Ode to the TV Being On All Night

If you stay up late enough
you will see the infomercials
selling you face creams, blenders,
hand guns, and anythin
else they can hawk, display, demonstrate
If you leave the TV on all night
You become the TV
You will buy blankets that envelop
your entire body
your eyes start glowing like zombies
dripping neon drool and blood hunger
(Even so),
you will purchase that special non-stick
egg pan
if the TV is on all night
as background noise
a night lift,
the Info-mercials
infilitrate your (sub)consciousness
delighting and or hurting
your pleasure center(s)



Behind Success: A TED Talk Ode

Are we whole without food?
The painful reprise from hunger
is not the gladiator arena
but the droning retail market
imagining what you desire next
reveling in creation and chaos
the dread of colossal mistakes
the joke about money lost
will satiate you before the
next firebomb or root canal
before the gunfire anesthesia
distiches American past times into a
new breed of kale and arugula
failures in the clouds computing
the next box full of goodies…


Hidden Peril, a Pop Prodigy: An Ode

An unforgettable eye
is hungry for your data spam sandwich
devouring the numbers of your identity
like Bitcoin criminals
holding all your money hostage.
Is it too complicated to be
a pop-song, or is it ripe
for sampling with no worries
of copyright infringement?
the aged and impoverished
are either remembering old songs
or listening to new ones on repeat
on what’s left of radio, their retirements, the future.
The question: now what?
Will retail be reordered?


Calling Out the Lies: An Ode

Are you wide-awake
and still learning
that your thought crime(s)
will be mind read
and erased by the
straight male corporate gaze
whose objective
is to transform facts
into no alternative
make your lifestyle
determine your death-style…


About the Author

Micah Zevin is a librarian poet living in Jackson Heights, Queens, N.Y. with his wife, a playwright. He has recently published articles and poems at the,The Otter, the Newtown Literary Journal and Blog, Poetry and Politics, Reality Beach, Jokes Review, Post (Blank),the American Journal of Poetry and The Tower Journal He created/curates an open mic/poetry prompt workshop called The Risk of Discovery Reading Series now at Blue Cups