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FKA twigs annouces New album Magdalenee

The album will feature the likes of Future and is the follow up to LP1

FKA Twigs Announces New Album Magdalene

The album will feature the likes of Future and is the follow up to LP1

via FKA twigs
via FKA twigs
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Well well well FKA Twigs the queen of experimental pop  is releasing some new shit! And we couldn’t be happier. She revealed some details in a recent interview with i-D. Magdalene is the long awaited follow up to 2014’s LpI, and is due out in the fall.

Magdalene  as described by Twigs is  a combination of subtle and tougher components. “Just when you think it’s fragile and about to fall apart, there’s an absolute defiance and strength in a way that my work’s never had.  One song, “Holy Terrain” will feature hip-hop artist Future.  In that same interview she said the album is ”about every lover that I’ve ever had and ever lover that I’m going to have”  Of course this album also feature “Cellophane” 

Twigs  also spoke about the album’s title “I used to laugh to myself about how as a woman, your story is often attached to the narrative of a man” she told i-D.  “No matter what you’re doing or how great your work is, sometimes it’s as though you have to be attached to a man to be validated. I’d felt like that at times. And then I started to read about Mary Magdalene and how amazing she was; how she was likely to have been Jesus’ best friend, his confidante. She was a herbalist and a healer, but you know, her story is written out of the bible and she was ‘a prostitute.’  I found a lot of power in the story of Mary Magdalene; a lot of dignity, a lot of grace, a lot of inspiration”

Magdalene is co-produced by Nicholas Jarr well known in the experimental and ambient area of music.  This album is also the name of a series of theater shows twigs performed earlier this year.

In addition to the album release there has been a headlining tour announced starting in Vancouver on November 3rd. She tweeted about her prepration for the tour saying “Preparing the Magdalene show has been my most ambitious undertaking, and the thought of sharing it with a wider audience is thrilling, you’ve been very patient





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