Four Celebrations of Queer Transgression by Louie Crew Clay | Art | #thesideshow

July 23, 2017
Kim D. Bailey,
July 22, 2017
Hairy by Cat Cotsell | Flash Fiction | #thesideshow
July 25, 2017

The Presiding Bishop’s Kiss

Let’s Fall in Love

Mardi Gras in Venice

About the Artist

Louie Crew Clay, 80, is an emeritus professor at Rutgers. He lives in East Orange, NJ, with Ernest Clay, his husband for 43 years. The two founded Integrity (lbgtq Episcopalians)

Clay has written 2,689 published manuscripts, including more than 100 of his photographs. His most recent book is Letters from Samaria: The Prose and Poetry of Louie Crew Clay, with a foreword by Phyllis Tickle and an afterword by Bishop Mary Glasspool, NYC: Church Publishing, Inc, 2015.

Clay has been a fellow at the Ragdale Foundation and at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation. In addition to his PhD in English literature, he has received honorary doctorates from three seminaries of The Episcopal Church.

See, The University of Michigan collects Clay’s papers. Reach him by email at