Four Poems by Alejandro Pérez

Two Poems by Hussain Ahmed
April 29, 2018
Morning Glory by Jayne Martin
May 1, 2018




Better to be earth
than human. The earth dries, floods
“but it does not bleed.



Sisyphus had it
easy, he was told to push a rock.
We are not told what to do.



Dreams are cicadas.
They wake us up at night, a
buzzing in our ears.


The Future

Ten years from now dogs
will walk themselves, and drums will

play themselves, and no
human will stop to pet the
dogs or listen to the drums.



It’s funny how you’re
now a hero
’cause I was drowning and
you pulled me up,
but no one knows,
maybe no one will ever know,
that you also pushed me
down before you
saved me.


Alejandro Pérez is a Creative Writing major at Emory University in Georgia. His English poems have appeared in Star 82 Review, Right Hand Pointing, Foliate Oak and elsewhere. His Spanish pieces have appeared in Letralia, Tierra de Letras (Venezuela) and Revista Almiar (Spain). Being half American and half Guatemalan, he is caught between two cultures, just as he is caught between his desire to live in the real world and in the world of his imagination. Most of the poems he writes come to him while walking. He aspires to one day write a poem as great as Neruda’s “Walking Around”.