by Nathan Alan Schwartz



Also drops FIRE IS COMING featuring David Freakin' Lynch

About a week ago, Flyo aka Flying Lotus Aka  Steven Ellison from LA announced his first new album since 2014’s You’re Dead. AND! I am freakin’ stoked about it! The multi genre/ genre bending/ beat  guru’s Flamagra will be his sixth studio  album  and  will drop  sometime  in May from the LA based label WARP(who of course have release other Flylo albums). The new album will  feature 27 tracks with rad collab’s  like the funk legend George Clinton , hip hop legend like Anderson .PAAK & Little Dragon, a man he collabed with quite a few times before Thundercat, as well as works with indie scene folk like Toro y Mori and more!  I for one am looking forward to listening to all these collabs plus the rest of the album too of course.

WARP and Ellison also released a taste of the new album, with the spoken word track Fire is Coming which  features David FREAKIN’ Lynch. In the video David Freakin’ Lynch is  story teller  who recites his apocalyptic  tale from inside the mouth of a wolf. This in it of itself is fucking amazing and I nearly crapped myself learning about the collab and watching the video! HOWEVER! this collab is actually a trifecta of weird baby goodness because it is directed by David freakin’ Firth of Salad Fingers fame.

Alright, so under the story that  David Lynch narrates is a cinematic soundscape that is both dark and foreboding, it is also just what you’d expect from the man who’s really become more of a weird baby especially as a film maker.  It’s difficult to give a good review of the track because I would like to hear the cuts that surround it to see if that makes a difference. I thought it was disturbing and had a perfectly c r e e p y  v i b e. I did like the spoken word feel because it reminded me of Tom Waits pieces:

I am excited to know what the rest of the album might be like. I have a feeling that it might be a concept album and that’s pretty dope!  I do have question like what does it mean when  Lynch repeats Fire is Coming over and over again like a mantra. Is there a bigger story being told with these other tracks?  Anyway, enjoy the track and let me know your thoughts!


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