8 songs for the non-binary listener


Nathan Alan Schwartz

I’ve titled this playlist ‘Gender Nightmare’ after one of the songs on it, but the truth is gender can be everything from an absolute nightmare to one of the most wonderful things about you. What it certainly isn’t, though, is confined to the labels of ‘man’ and ‘woman’, nor the gender you may have been assigned at birth. These songs all speak on some level to that sentiment.

Not every song on the list is by a trans or nonbinary artist, and not every song on the list is necessarily about transness inherently, but they do all take as their focus the feeling of not conforming to an assigned gender. There’s definitely a slight bias towards nonbinary and gender-neutral feelings within them, as that’s what I’m most familiar with. They all carry a similar message – there are others out there with the same or similar feelings to you, and you are not alone.


This playlist is a sort of counterpart to the one I did last month about same-gender love songs, so if you haven’t seen that one already I recommend checking it out! Until next time, you can find me being pretty and witty and gay @lucavical on Twitter and Instagram.