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Brooklyn jazz/neo-psychedelic/dream poppy band Crumb  sounds like what I imagine the inside   of  tripping balls sounds like. Okay, maybe not but they are def popular among those who are tripping balls.  Perhaps its because the music video for their song “Locket” is in fact a trip into a very strange reality.  In fact if you scour the comment section on some of their videos  you’ll see many fans mentioning that they listen ONLY when they drop acid.

The New York based quartet met while attending Tufts University out in Boston where they studied computer and cognitive science, psychology and music. They all  previously   played in jazz, soul and rock groups before they decided to start Crumb in order to put music to Ramani’s lyrics and high school poems.

To me it says a lot about a band when they are talked about before they even drop a full album. I had first heard about Crumb and their song Locket from a channel on YouTube called David Dean Burkhart about a year ago. I liked the song and hd heard Crumb few times on other play lists and read about them on music blogs. The slow, dreamy synths of Brian Aronow  and the punchy drums of Jonathan Gilad and the jazzy bass of Jesse Brotter backing the melodious voice of front woman Lila Ramani drew me in. I stayed for psychedelic cucumber vibe. Ramani’s lyrics are easy to swallow and the music is  simple with nothing fancy behind their musicianship.  They are quite simply a simple version of a psyc band or maybe a   trippy version of Suzanne Vega.

I recommend Crumb for somebody who may be in their room alone wanting to mellow out after work.   or on the bus wanting to listen to music after work. They aren’t a party band. They’re perfect for a night alone with a glass of wine staring at the stars.


Their full length album, Jinx came out today so YAY! Which i will be reviewing once i give it a good listen

Also via their Instagram they released a statement about their up coming tour :

We’ve partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 from each ticket sold will go to Partners In Health and their work saving lives, revitalizing communities, and transforming global health, and to the Florence Project and their work providing direct legal and social services for detained adults and children under threat of deportation.


So let me know what you think of this band and if you like them be sure to follow all their social media!



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