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Nathan Alan Schwartz

I’ve been exploring music for the better part of my life and I feel that sometimes it’s impossible to stop and stay in one spot.  But, the proverbial shiny things distract me and I personally hop from one genre or sub-genre or sub-sub-genre to another.  So, in this little thingamigjigger for LitStyle I plan on throwing out some Inception style (music themed) oceans, islands, worlds  and perhaps some archipelagos   at you from all across every music spectrum and from all across the globe.  It is my hope to bring you some new music to jam out to.

There are genres that I return to repeatedly because they like Sirens have an alluring appeal.  It is because of Shoegaze (one of those Siren like genres) that I found this band Lorelle Meets the Obsolete.  However, shoegaze is only the basis of their tune and the beginning of my adoration for them.    Lorelle Meets the Obsolete is far more than your typical Shoegaze band. Sure, they have distorted vocals and trancelike guitars that you’d hear in a DIIV or My Bloody Valentine song, but the sound that comes out of this band from Guadalajara, Mexico is far more than a simple shoegaze band. They are quite simply a complex work of art.  Each album and each song is a new and beautiful array of dreamscapes and landscapes to climb and walk across. Creativity is definitely   something that I think they do not need to work on because they have mastered it. I do not want to sit and spoil their beauty because I think if you listen to their newest album, it speaks for itself and you’ll find yourself lost in their music.  

I recommend this band for anybody who likes to close their eyes and drift away for an entire span of an album. Metal fans, shoegaze fans, and progressive rock fans alike will enjoy the crevices of Lorelle Meets the Obsolete.  Even if you do not meet any of those criteria, I recommend giving De Facto(their 2018 album)  a listen. There is something for all!  Serene, ethereal, dense, magical are just some words I would use to describe most of their discography.

I didn’t get a chance to interview them for this article but I hope to come back to this band sometime in the future and be able to get to know the folks behind the music.

 Let me know what your thoughts on this band if you want.