In Rare Interview Fiona Apple talks her 2020 album and The Movie Hustlers


In Rare Interview Fiona Apple talks her 2020 album and The Movie Hustlers


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Singer songwriter Fiona Apple rarely does interviews, hell she rarely leaves her house these days while working on her new album, but  recently she reached out Vulture’s Rachel Handler an incident involving Variety’s deceptive editing of a statement she made about her  royalties from the use of “Criminal” in the movie Hustlers.   The deception is as follows Apple made a statement on twitter about giving her royalties from her song, “Criminal” being in the movie. However, it seems that some editors over at Variety felt it necessary to dub her voice by saying she would be donating her  money to the “movie” and not to a organization that aids refugees, While they Wait .  The deceptive tweet was removed  after she spoke to her lawyers and manager

Later, in what was supposed to be a short interview about a single topic Apple talks about how she releases music on her own schedule and is slow to progress but is currently working on her 5th album, the first one since 2012’s Idler Wheel.  

When asked about the date of her new album she said:

“I mean, I don’t know! It’s hard to say. I was supposed to be done a million years ago. And I go off and I take too long making stuff. I’m hoping for early 2020. I think.”

She continues and talks about her worries about finishing this album:

“I worry a lot about what it’s gonna be like when I actually have to put out an album and go out there. I think I’m getting close to finishing. While I’m doing it, I have to put the rest of it out of my mind. It’s just fun. It’s just me making stuff, on my own time, and then not making stuff for years, and then starting to make stuff. 


Pretty damn excited to hear about this new album but also this interview is solid and has some interesting work. Be sure to check it out to catch up on the rest of Fiona’s lovely  life! Oh btw this thing also includes a selfie with a cute pup!



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