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Amie Sharp-Nightfall Poem
Mitchell JohnsonWhat I see On Partly Cloudy Nights

Tovar MendesStopping by An Ant Nest on a Windy Day
Angela Feathers-Entranced by a violinist at a Celtic concert two weeks after being raped, and I am reminded that there is beauty in the world
LB Seacek- Anybody’s Count
Kristin LaFoletteAntique Skeleton

Charlie O’Hay-Bug Love
David Brooks VillanuevaPetting Zoo
Barry Yeoman-Cycles
Mitchell Grabois
Emily Hoover-Bound

Rachel McGuire-Like A Python
Lana Ghannam– Deja Vu in the First Degree

Emily Becker-Altered
Stephanie V. Sears-Posada of Creeping Horror
John Wojtowicz– Tattoo
Iva Markicevic-A Eulogy for the Survivor


Devin GriffinNot Even a Mouse
Chris BeattyLike Me
Sadie MillerThe Snake Necklace
C.J ZaboniVarnish on the Window Pane
Raymond GastonPack it up
Eve. M. KerriganDandelion
Rachel WelchVisiting