#thesideshow February 2nd 2016 I am Hell by A.J. Huffman
February 2, 2016
February 2, 2016

Under The Merch Table by Jake Tringali

Under The Merch Table
Jake Tringali

without a doubt, this scummy bar should be closed / burned without prejudice

condemned as the investigation to this night’s crime scene / of the most unholy sins

my crusade / has taken me into this den

with no choice / the small gathering of the disturbed surround me

dimly lit bodies ricochet, spreading some disease / buzzing sideways, viral

too many drug cocktails pulsing under the skin / amidst subcutaneous tattoos

deep in the back corner / smoky denizens in their own haze

scanning the crowd for the next conquest / the next victim

the third band starts sound check / the bass plucks a single note over and over,

reverberates through the spine / this temple shakes

a waitress – slash – actress swings the door open / an airborne beer can hits her ass

red light escapes the green room / the headlining band’s inner sanctum

further, the ninth circle of hell lies / under the merch table

no light escapes this abyss / dark devils talk further treachery

the sullen girl, with fat ear plugs / probably signalling some kind of sexual fetish

at the ready to sell t-shirts, hoodies, cds, and stickers / but not really

she shakes her plaid miniskirt / over those diabolical fishnet tights

thigh high boots / fuck-me boots

a heinous gathering of paraphernalia / under the merch table

two grubby duffel bags, with band t-shirts / a fat black dildo, the smallest bit of cocaine

scraps of a latex condom…not the whole thing / no protection

sticky dirty lozenge / grimy scum, the floor of 20,000 stale beers

deft hands flowing in and out, secret exchanges / black commerce

larger men attend to their desires / access to small evils