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Courtyard Fountain | Brandon Marlon
| Asking | Austin Kinsey
Anthony Tao – Choosing
Recycling | Grace Black
Addictions | James Walton
Graduate Studies | Craig Finlay
He looked at her the way all women wanted to be lookedat by a man | Adrian Cepeda

Just Floatsam | PJ Reed
It’s still out there | PW Covington
A Denny’s Parking Lot | Jeremy Jusek
Monday | Damon Marbut
Pigeon Coops | Carol Hamilton
Sun Dance | Chrystal Berche
Cross Addiction | Dylan Weir


Zero | J.A. Ellis
Solitude | Fiona Haynes
Barista Of Corner Booth Souls | Susannah Betts
The Nightrunner | Alex Vigue
Super Hero Love Story | Cathy Ulrich Christopher Caci | Accounts Receivable


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