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July 25, 2017
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Liner Notes


The Co-Pilots  Vanishing Point


Track 1: Nivram Eel                                          Track 5: Heart on my Sleeve

(Written by Monroe/Stephen)                                 (Written by Stephen with minor suggestions from Monroe)

Track 2: No Doz Jones/Statute of Limitations       Track 6: Bearing Gifts (Beware)

(Written by Monroe/Stephen)                                 (Written by Stephen)

Track 3: Angel Eyes                                           Track 7: Pontius Pilots

(Written by Monroe/Stephen)                                 (Written by Stephen)

Track 4: Fine Then                                           Track 8: Ballad of the Loneliest Runner and Yoko

(Written by Stephen with edits from Monroe)           (Written by Stephen)


Co-Pilots are:

Lew Stephen: Vocals and Bass guitar

  1. Monroe: Guitar

Sully: Drums


Liner Notes by Lew


Nivram Eel was written after visiting Arlington Cemetery. Lee Marvin and Joe Louis are next to each other. Audie Murphy is there too. Spielberg wanted Lee Marvin for Jaws. Marvin turned it down, said, “I kill the f–kin shark, the shark don’t kill me.” No Doz Jones was written about a friend of the band. Kept us going, day in and day out. He used to work in elder care and pilfered the dispensary/Statute of limitations. Angel Eyes was written about my fiancee. The grace of my heart; the sun rises and sets with you. Fine Then was written after discovering my fiancee was having second thoughts. I should have called the song, “How much fun is it splitting up our mutual possessions? No, that’s OK, you keep it.” Is it Frank? I always suspected. No, go ahead. Leave. Heart on my sleeve Baby, please, I made a mistake. You know I get stubborn sometimes. Please answer my texts/calls. Nights are the worst; your side of the bed still has the outline of your body. It can’t be over; you still have to feel something, right? Baby, I love you. Bearing Gifts (Beware) This is the thanks I get? It’s my Goddamned band J. You think you can be a leader? I know I’ve been flaky, lately, OK? What do you mean, she’s not coming back? What would you know about it J? Hmmm? Wait– are you seeing her? WHAT’S GOING ON??? I’M NOT OVERREACTING!!!!! Pontius Pilots. Ungrateful bastards. Both of you. Fine, quit. And what do you know Jeff Faber at the Cincinnati Cobra? End of the band? He knows three barre chords. Ballad of The Loneliest Runner and Yoko. “The way things are going/they’re going to pee on me.”


Tracks 1-5 Recorded at O’Brien Studios, Williamsburg Brooklyn; Produced by: Bill VC; engineer: Josh Hicks, Mixer: “Danny Boy” Furman. Special Thanks to: Dinosaur Jr., T.N. Carter, O’Brien and the rest of the crew.

Track 6-8 Lew Stephen: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums. Recorded at Sub-basement, Mom and Dad’s; Produced by Lew Stephen; engineer: Lew Stephen; recorded on a 4 track recording device. Special Thanks to: Fig Newtons, Cable, Laundry.


About the Author

Andrew Davie received an MFA in creative writing from Adelphi University. He taught English in Macau on a Fulbright Grant. Currently, he teaches in Virginia. His work can be read in Bartleby Snopes, Necessary Fiction, The South Dakota Review, and FLAPPERHOUSE among others. His website: