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Listen to these 8 songs named after people

Two Stories by Julie Zuckerman
September 10, 2018
Hymn to the Centipede by Sin Ribbon
September 11, 2018



There has always been a soft spot in my heart for songs that are named for people. It seems like such an open and honest declaration – listen, I wrote this song because another human being compelled me to, because they made me feel so deeply I felt moved to create. Of course, it’s not always that serious, and in some cases the named person never existed at all, but no-one ever argued fictional characters can’t make you feel something.

This playlist can be broadly divided into three. It begins with indie-rock tracks dedicated to women fictional and real, with Miss Atomic Bomb serving as a sequel to the much better-known Mr Brightside. We then move on to some more melodic, tranquil music from a range of artists – Emmylou is a particular favourite, as it remains the closest title I’ve found to my own chosen name. Finally, there’s some uplifting pop to round the playlist off, because nobody can resist a couple of retro bangers.

I end with a quote from W. H. Auden:

“Proper names are poetry in the raw. Like all poetry they are untranslatable.”



Emma-Louise Adams, playlist curator @five2onemag