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LITS T Y L E Spotlight Interview: Ctch Business

October 12, 2018
October 13, 2018

INTERVIEW: Ctch Bsnss business talks

poetry business with William Lessard

Photo courtesy of catch business.

ctch business is one of our favorite folks on the indie lit scene. She is Poetry editor at witch craft magazine, the founder of sad spell press and the author of fuck me while my phone charges (reality hands 2017). F2O contributor William Lessard caught up with her recently to talk about the Next Lit Festival and her latest book, quick fix (2fast2house, 2018).

William Lessard: Your work feels like reading someone’s DMs. Is that a fair comparison or do you view the speaker in the poems as a persona?

ctch business: the poems are closer to texts i never sent. catch business is a persona but the poems i write are very real in their own way. 

WL: The short lines feel like dabs of paint. Do you write more for the ear or for the eye?

cb: emily pettit told me that my writing is really white lol not like cause i’m white but in her consultation she pointed out that i work with emotion more than the physical world around me. since then i’ve tried to bring in more color but at the core of each poem is a feeling. i write mostly for the heart. 





















Photo courtesy of 2fast2house.

WL: I am also blown away by how you break your lines. And the spacing of the work feels like scrolling. And how you talk to your phone in some poems. Do you feel that a lot of poets don’t seem to acknowledge that technology has changed everything, especially writing?

cb:: the poets who inspire me the most definitely acknowledge the effect technology has had on their lives, which i think naturally folds over into the writing. i like writing that doesn’t need to think about it too hard tho, we’re already so immersed i don’t need to think about it more than i already do. 

WL: Who are your influences?

cb: my best friends. lovers. so many poets and fiction writers, too. 

WL: What is something about yourself that people wouldn’t expect?

cb: i see myself as a facilitator of the arts more than an artist. or i see myself as both but maybe believe in my ability as a facilitator of the arts more than my ability as an artist. 

WL: This year marked the third-annual Next Lit Festival. What inspired you to start it? And what was different this time around? 

Photo courtesy of catch business.

cb: i started the fest because i was lonely in denver. i’ve actually always felt pretty lonely, until i connected with the alt lit scene and started to make friends online in 2013. i wanted to experience that sense of community irl for once, and so i just invited my friends to come hang out. it was an open invitation, i just tweeted about it and some people showed up and it was kind of like a sleepover. this year i realized how many people also needed that physical sense of community since so many writers and artists i’ve never even met before made their way out to my house to hang. not much has changed, other than my ability to organize everything on my own. next year i’ll be working with some people who have shown their support for the fest to make it more official, and hopefully more accessible, too. 


quick fix is available here:

William Lessard’s work has appeared in F20, and has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeney’s, Best American Experimental Writing, American Poetry Review and Hyperallergic. He is Poetry and Hybrids editor at Heavy Feather Review and a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.