Neon Indian new song "Toyota Man"

a 2019 protest song in the tune of Alan Palomo

Neon Indian new song "Toyota Man"

a 2019 protest song in the tune of Alan Palomo


Alan Palomo otherwise known to the music world as Neon Indian has shared a new song. The song is his first that is in all Spanish. And is a freakin’ amazing jam tbh! Very much in the tune of Neon Indian the song is funky and electronic.

The pro immigrant anthem is about the American Dream and Palomo’s own journey to citizenship from Monterrey, México to Austin, Texas.  Staring the a piñata in the likeness of the doofus in chief who battles an abuela and is chased by a horde of children before ultimately meeting its Demise.

In  a statement Palomo said to Pitchfork  “Though my music has always been generally apolitical, I realized when recording this song that it was impossible to write biographically (in the rhetorical context of the Trump administration) without being entirely that: political. The story of my family, which before felt commonly American, was suddenly politicized.”

What do you think of this song? Does it relate to your journey? Let us know!


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