Reviews and Interviews


Please submit single-book reviews of 800-1,600 words. We are partial to new books but don’t mind a book that is older than a few years.  LitStyle publishes reviews of poetry, fiction, and graphic novels.   We’d rather see reviewed books by emerging writers and smaller presses. We would absolutely love to see experimental works of all kinds.Reviews submitted will be considered for both online and our quarterly print issues. We encourage publicists from pub houses to send us their catalogs and review copies of forthcoming titles.


If you are interested in submitting an interview please query our LitStyle Editor with your pitch. We like interviews with 8-10 questions(more is okay but less not so much). We would love to see interviews with upcoming indie filmmakers, performance artists, visual artist, musicians, actors,  graphic novelists, comic book artists and writers, authors, poets, hybrid scientists etc. We prefer the arts but if you have somebody you’d like to interview outside of the arts pitch it to us anyway!


Books in Our Hands Right Now


  • We are Terminal But This Exit is Mine- James H. Duncan(Unknown Press )-Pdf only
  • Bees Against the War – Eric Allen Yankee (2017 Locofo Chapbooks)-pdf and print
  • Books by Thirty West Publishing
  • Books by West Vine Press
  • Dovetail Down the House- Kallie Rose (Burnside)-pdf only 

  • There is Always Tomorrow- Thomas Fucaloro and illustrated by Julie Bensten (Mad Gleam Press) pdf and print
  •  SCAR ON/SCAR OFF- Jennifer Maritza McCauley (Stalking Horse) -both physical and pdf available 

  • Dumbheart Stupid/ stupid face – Cooper Wilhelm(ccm)- PDF and print
  • Café Crazy (Kelsay Books) print




  • Jazz at the End of the Night- Weasel Patterson (WZL Productions) pdf only
  • Neil & Other Stories– J. Bradley (Whiskey Tit) pdf only 

  • A LONG CURVING SCAR WHERE THE HEART SHOULD BE- Quintan Ana Wikswo (Stalking Horse) -both physical and pdf available


If you would like to add your book  to this list and you are a publisher/author or you have any questions regarding book reviews/interviews Please email our LitStyle Editor  Kenyatta JP García