Micro erasure poems by Sara Adams | #thesideshow
November 2, 2016
Christopher Iacono
Micropoetry by Christopher Iacono | Election Week | #thesideshow
November 4, 2016

Micropoetry by J.L. Smith | Election Week | #thesideshow

Mom didn’t vote for Hillary back in ’92,
even though she didn’t bake cookies either.
(Although sometimes I wished she baked a few.)
She loved Bill, though, his aw shucks demeanor.

His sax and honey drew women like Flowers,
a fact that made mom hate his wife even more.
She said Bill gave the First Lady too much power.
The First Couple’s apple would split in two, before

his snake stained Monica’s blue dress and lied.
Mom didn’t care what Newt said; what Tripp testified
before America. She wondered why
he was impeached; why Hillary stayed by his side.

A ’16 campaign stop with her, he grins.
Mom says, too bad, a third term he can’t win.

J.L. Smith recently moved all of her precious belongings from Alaska to Maryland, and is enjoying the new scenery. Her work has recently appeared in Dirty Chai, Cirque, Calamus Journal and the Yellow Chair Review, among others. See more of her work at jlsmithwrites.com.