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February 22, 2017
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February 24, 2017

Malik Ameer



It’s a indigo canyon, where a quiet lake shines
Madly meditating at the muds edge
Of emerald; where our sun, from the pleased hills
Is glowing: it’s a simple gorge dancing with starlight.

An Old soldier, her mouth open, hair undone
And her collar bones bathed in still ivy,
Is meditating; layed out on soft dirt, under clear skies
Pale in her emerald bed where rays lay like quilts.

Feet in the ferns, she’s meditating. Smiling like
A tired infant would, enjoying her nap:
Earth, hold her close: she is old.

Breezes don’t make her arms flinch;
She meditates under the moon, hand on her thigh,
Serenely. She has two red holes in her forehead.



Colorless Ones

What you believed the united states was
My momma knew it never was

What you believed the united states used to be
My grandma knew it never was

What you believed the united states should have been
My grandpa knew it never would be

What you decided the united states could be
Because of your friends and family
I knew it could never be
Because I know your friends
Because I know your family
Because I accepted you and your history
I knew it would never be

Malik Ameer is a veteran M.C. in the experimental rap/jazz scenes of California and NYC. Ameer is also an internationally published poet with five books of poems to his name, he performs often in Paris, France and New York City.