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microtraumas by Emma-Louise Adams

Two Stories by Laura Arciniega
July 31, 2018
Three Poems by Sara Matson
August 3, 2018


seven men beg to desecrate me.

no, I say – please spit at my feet

and tell me I was never holy in the first place.

convocation (haiku #09)

talons and trauma

we hunt for a new ending

but our time is up

delectable (haiku #21)

eyelids pinned open

see twenty-one fat mothers

forced to the banquet

finally (haiku #38)


on a silver tray

afterbirth and kerosene

all lit up with love



Emma-Louise Adams is a feral creature existing outside of gender and genre.  With upcoming work in Rose Quartz Journal and a self-published collection, Emma-Louise is a firm believer that very few things are better left unsaid, and that their voice as a queer (in both senses) and multiply disabled person is a unique and interesting listen.