Lucy Allison

You’ve almost certainly heard most of the songs in this playlist – but have you heard their acoustic versions? Every song on this playlist sounds very different but just as good (and sometimes even better) unplugged, resulting in a more chilled-out and intimate vibe.

There’s a huge range on this list, with no real link other than that I’ve chosen the acoustic version each time. That’s almost the point; there’s no one style or genre of music that exclusively lends itself to acoustic playing, and songs that you might think would be unimaginable without electricity turn out to sound just as wonderful without it. It’s often much easier to make out the lyrics, too!

Therefore, for everything from one of my favourite love songs (Everlong) to poppy hits (hate u love u and Smile), these acoustic versions are presented for your enjoyment. More songs than you’d think have an acoustic version, and more of them than you’d think are really rather good.