My Murder Client by Brad Rose

from Just the Items by James Ardis
April 27, 2018
Two Poems by Hussain Ahmed
April 29, 2018


Saturday, after the mistrial, I reluctantly take the accused out to dinner. Over a blood-rare steak he stops dissecting, he asks, Did you ever think what it’s like to be a shadow puppet at noon?

Hair a scribble, shoes tongue- tied, in my rumpled horse-brown suit, I must look a fright.

No, I flinch. Is the match the fault of the flame?

Brad Rose was born and raised in Los Angeles and lives in Boston. He is the author of a collection of poetry and flash fiction, Pink X-Ray (Big Table Publishing, and His two new books of poems, Momentary Turbulence and WordinEdgeWise, are forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press. Brad’s blog is: and his website is: . Selected readings can be heard at: