5 micropoems by Sugar Tobey | #thesideshow
December 5, 2016
Jim Meirose
Mary Kay Lady by Jim Meirose | flash fiction | #thesideshow
December 7, 2016

I NEED TO WRITE A POEM ABOUT YOU BUT I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START BECAUSE YOU LEAVE ME SPEECHLESS(a chronicle of the last time we met, according to me) by Kaity Gee | flash fiction | #thesideshow

  1. I walk in with a plan. You know how I like plans.
  2. I see you and I forget about the plan.
  3. I forget about everything because all I want to do is tell you everything and nothing—I want to savor each small wonder, the periodic pleasure of every second with you.
  4. These prosaic moments…I trail off. God, I can’t even start a sentence about you without getting lost. Like that, my rationality is eclipsed by ellipses.
  5. I want to get lost in your ellipses. I wish we’d trail off until time and words are useless because..I’m forgetting now, but somehow, silence with you would be more than enough.
  6. I am reminded of why I have a plan. My plan was to stop caring about you the way I do.
  7. You do that thing where your hands shake as you struggle to light a cigarette. You’re lighting a cigarette because you know I don’t date smokers. The way your fingers fumble with the matches is cute, though.
  8. As you walk me home, I realize you aren’t the idea of a person I am infatuated with. You’re more complex than this character I have constructed on these pages and in my head, that you’re so bad and barely bandaged and…
  9. I feel that I could promise to love you and yes, truly love you, wonderful you, tragic terrifics and splendid sin and all. All of you.
  10. I half-hug you goodbye and I walk out with the plan to remember the plan next time. I wanted to stay in your arms for the next forever and a half.

kaity gee Kaity Gee is writer from Bay Area, California, currently studying at New York University. Only eighteen, she has already been making a splash in the creative writing world, winning twenty-three regional and two national Scholastic Writing Awards in addition to other regional and national awards in only the past two years. Kaity’s work has previously been published in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Avalon Review, Sweet Literary Magazine, and in American Library of Poetry’s anthology, Eloquence. Writing has been an integral part of her life: words have changed Kaity’s life, whether it be on the pages of a classic or her own sprawled onto the parallel veins of an open notebook. She hopes her words breathe life in you. She hopes her words leave you breathless.