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New? Miles Davis? Record? Oh Yeeeeah

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A lost Miles Davis album finished by his nephew, Vince Wilburn Jr.


In 1985, the Prince of Darkness, your favorite and my favorite trumpet player, Miles Davis departed from his  longtime musical bud, Columbia.  The first album he was set to record was called Rubberband.  This album marked a new stylistic change because the trumpet player had incorporated funk and soul for the first time in his career Unfortunately, the record wasn’t finished and was  put away never to be heard again because Davis was wanted everywhere and his attention was diverted. Most of his attention was focused on finishing his  1986 record Tutu.  But lucky for Davis’ fans, last year Warner released an EP with the title track.

Recently, it was announced that Rubberband would be  released in its entirety. The album  was produced by  Randy Hall and Zane Giles, engineered by Reggie Dozier and completed by Davis’ nephew,  Vince Wilburn Jr who played drums on the OG recording session.

The 12  track Rubberband is set to arrive on the music scene on Sept 6th via Rhino records and features Lalah Hathaway and the R &B stylings of grammy-nominated  jazz singer Ledi. He also wanted musicians from across the funk and soul spectrum including vocalists Al Jarreau and Chaka Khan. 

Several of the tracks were released as a part of record store day!  

Bellow you can find the track list and give a listen to the title track:

Track list

‘Rubberband Of Life’ [Feat. Ledisi]
02. ‘This Is It’
03. ‘Paradise’
04. ‘So Emotional'[Feat. Lalah Hathaway]
05. ‘Give It Up’
06. ‘Maze’
07. ‘Carnival Time’
08. ‘I Love What We Make Together’ [Feat. Randy Hall]
09. ‘See I See’
10. ‘Echoes In Time/The Wrinkle’
11. ‘Rubberband


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