NICKELBACK NO LONGER SUCKS? according to Corey Taylor of Slipknot​

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Nathan Alan Schwartz

Okay so, If you read enough music news, you’d know that in the past, Corey Taylor, of Slipknot / Stone Sour fame and Chad Kroger of Nickleback have traded verbal blows. But now, according to Corey Taylor it seems that Nickelback   finally passed the torch to a new and perhaps in this writers opinion less awful band, Las Vegas natives Imagine Dragons.  

Slipknot arrived on the music scene when I was in 9th grade. The local station, KROQ here in LA played their single “Wait and Bleed” sparsely, but I liked it enough that I bought that the entire album. It was said that  they put on a good live show,  It seemed to me that most of my classmates and people I knew were enamored with Slipknot.

I think around the same time, Nickelback also arrived on the music scene.  Both, funny enough are on Roadrunner records.  Apparently its mostly Chad Kroger that is the asshole in the band I’m not exactly sure when Nickelback got their claim to fame as the worst band ever but I agreed with it enough that I never bought a single Nickelback album.

Do I agree that they are the world’s worst band and music’s punching bag, most def? Do I agree with Corey Taylor that Imagine Dragons is new head hanucho of awful bands. Not really!  And here is why I think that Imagine Dragons at least attempts to be different. Sure they still suck but i give them an A for effort.

I wouldn’t say that Corey Taylor  should be a foremost expert in what is good music, because to be honest his music isn’t that fantastic either, but, apparently he has a lot to say.

“They’re awful, so that’s cool,”

Check out the interview on Jonesy’s Jukebox, a show hosted by Sex Pistol member Steve Jones on LA’s KLOS.

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