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April 12, 2017
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April 11, 2017
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April 12, 2017

Of Unhappy Men and Minotaurs


galloping astride themselves
chasing red skirts and roses
with thorns intact

dimly aware
of the roar of the crowd
they snort and they stamp
in their labyrinthine rage

determined their fury will
win in the end


one of those rare celestial events

two children
three poems
four marriages
five parents
six divorces
singing songs of
take these broken wings
seven seas
eight planets
nine muses stitching time
ten fingers interlaced
once every 24,000 years
once in very few lifetimes



cards shuffle
across the ironing board
into seven neat stacks
hiding their relatives
face down like Jews
under floorboards
rearranging into marriages
interracial by design
ultimately hiking
across the Alps to freedom
or becoming trapped
and forced into the shuffle
of bodies climbing aboard
the trains that leave for Poland
every hour




physical geography

the rotations of the calendar
bring around scars
that mark my body
like railroad yards
scattered across a map
crisscrossed lines and depots
where cargo shipped
and unloaded
exceeding maximums for weight
breaking the backs
of too-compliant porters


Overnight in Joshua Tree

I bled on sheets that weren’t my own
and hid them from my hostess,
not knowing what to say or do
to cover my faux pas.

She was a performance artist
who liked to burn things up
while local townsfolk stood around;
the smoke became applause.

I later learned
her house burned down,
an act of jealous arson
by the married lover’s wife,
(those who play with fire and all that.)

Such relief, you cannot know,
the calcination of my stains,
particulate floating above the smoke
into the desert night
and then, at last, to nothing.

About the Author:

Megan E. Freeman’s debut poetry chapbook, Lessons on Sleeping Alone, was published in 2015 by Liquid Light Press. She has been published in literary anthologies and journals, and her poetry has been selected as texts for compositions commissioned by the Los Angeles Master Chorale and Ars Nova Singers. Megan holds degrees from Occidental College and the Ohio State University and lives near Boulder, Colorado. www.meganefreeman.com





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