Washing Up by Laura Schwartz | CNF | #thesideshow
March 12, 2017
Sur-Objects by Duane Locke | Art | #thesideshow
March 15, 2017

The Painted People on Mushrooms by Jeanne Wilkinson | Art | #thesideshow

About the Artist:


Jeanne Wilkinson’s Painted People are former Barbies, Kens and GI Joes transformed in her Brooklyn studio into a clan of wanderers who go on trips and vision quests, sometimes in “reality,” sometimes not. In this series they explore a mushroom-filled world that’s not far from Alice’s Wonderland. Wilkinson has shown her artwork extensively in New York City and internationally. This past year she and the Painted People had a show at Brooklyn’s Five Myles Gallery, a photo essay in ‘The Adirondack Review’ and an experimental short film screened at the Greenpoint and NYC Indie Film Festivals.