Perfection by Anum Sattar

Intruder by Jessica Bonder
January 25, 2018
The Last of Weakness by Robert Cole
January 27, 2018




Loved the non-native spray, the gardener might have,

but he could not commit to cultivate this weed


that started as a cluster of many tiny yellow flowers

and then soiled his unkempt lawn with her cottony seeds,


but had he known how stubborn she was to stay alive

when he singled her out with his long handled fork—


the insecure man would not tend to the other seedlings

as she re-emerged from her taproot, lovelier than all of them.

About the Author

Anum Sattar is a junior studying English at the College of Wooster in Ohio, USA. Her poems have been published the American Journal of Poetry (Margie,) Crack the Spine, Taj Mahal Review, Merrimack Review, Ragazine, Better than Starbucks! The Florida Review, Grey Sparrow, Oddball Magazine, Artifact Nouveau, Off the Coast, Strange POEtry, Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual, Conceit Magazine, A New Ulster, The Cannon’s Mouth, The Journal (i.e. The Journal of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry,) Wilderness House Literary Review, Poydras Review, The Cadaverine, Verbalart: A Global Journal Devoted to Poets & Poetry, The Wayne Literary Journal, The Ibis Head Review, The Weekly Avocet (every Sunday Morning,) Poets Bridge and Tipton Poetry Journal. She won the third Vonna Hicks Award at the college. Whenever possible, she reads out her work at Brooklyn Poets and Forest Hills Library at Queens in New York City.