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POETRY: 2 Poems by Peter V. Dugan

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September 26, 2019
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September 30, 2019


(To Make a Dadaist Poem -- Tristan Tzara)


author out​​ unappreciated original order​​ 

and after scissors​​ cut​​ 

shake vulgar sensibility​​ 


gently put this next poem article

there in the newspaper​​ bag​​ 

that​​ make​​ each paper an out​​ 


carefully choose your take​​ 

the​​ Dadaist​​ herd will conscientiously​​ 

resemble​​ the infinitely in you


one which a​​ poem​​ article​​ 

of each make​​ you charming

even though​​ this length bag


are of​​ a​​ cutting​​ up​​ another article​​ 

take from the words​​ left

the next copy a poem


they want to take cut of you​​ 

and the out​​ to​​ the in​​ 

makes some by the all...



American Sunset​​ 


Icarus falls from the sky​​ 

and crashes

into the storm-wracked sea​​ 


With no idealism​​ 

the moral compass




A​​ counter-culture conspiracy

  ​​ ​​ ​​​​ a​​ demented​​ 

awkward​​ ugliness

as citizens​​ turn on one another,


Tense & stress

within each line

  within the mind

words​​ honed​​ 

become​​ sharp daggers

and​​ razor blades

stab and slash

scattered​​ in

the​​ fast shuffle

of​​ hash marks​​ and hashtags​​ 


in​​ mixed media​​ 

the​​ newest passion

  of fashion.


Distant​​ city lights give off​​ 

a warm mellow glow​​ 

as darkness envelopes​​ 

the horizon.

The loophole of hope

gives​​ the​​ revolving door​​ 

  one more spin

distraction and deflection


  of ​​ light​​ 



gratification​​ and​​ judgment

tied to​​ the​​ clash

  ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ and

leading to a total


suffered by the informal​​ injury​​ 

of ancestry.​​ 

The crescent moon rises​​ 

in the twilight sky,​​ 

with​​ a Cheshire Cat grin​​ 

toward Venus, 

absurdly abstract


the​​ bewitched​​ love child​​ 

  of​​ despotism​​ 

who​​ spews​​ edicts​​ 

combined with the​​ carrion​​ 

  of coyote disciples.

No​​ consequences​​ contemplated​​ 

  or​​ considered

only a bereaved immunity​​ 


in the mind​​ 

like living in a​​ Russian​​ gulag.​​ 


Stars leisurely appear,​​ 

in competition​​ to shine​​ brightest​​ 

with​​ the fading light.​​ 

An​​ unforced anticlimactic​​ 

sweet caress​​ 

  of cyberspace

gives way to uneventful​​ 



the​​ overdue​​ interlude​​ 

  has ended​​ 

as the ghost​​ of Uncle Sam


whistling past 

the graveyard

of the American Dream



About the Author :
Peter V. Dugan
, Nassau County Poet Laureate, NY (2017-19). He has published six collections of poetry Mr. Dugan hosts a reading series, Celebrate Poetry at the Oceanside Library, Oceanside NY, an open mic, It’s poetry, baby! at Sip This Café in Valley Stream NY and a reading series, Paumanok Pirate Poets, at Starbuck’s Long Beach NY.