Reservoir by Erin Calabria| Flash Fiction |#thesideshow
August 17, 2016
F2O LItStyle: Red Fez
F2O LitStyle: Red Fez releases their 92nd issue
August 18, 2016

Prick by Rollo Nye| micropoetry | #thesideshow

You’re great until you’re not,
until you become the prick you always were
which doesn’t mean that you aren’t still great
you still are. But when you hurt those close to you,
you prick them, and are, well, quite a prick!
But tomorrow you will emit rays of enlightenment,
and be an inspiration. You are lovable, after all.
But, your inner prick will lie in wait
and when displayed again,
you will diminish yourself,
prick that you are.

Rollo A. Nye teaches at a university and yoga studios. His poetry has appeared in “The Red River Review,” and will soon appear in the “Avatar Review.”