Scars by Azia Archer | Micro-Poetry | #thesideshow

October 15, 2017
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October 16, 2017



Let’s discuss dignity not scars
Talk about endings as if they are beginnings
Stop treating endings like aftermath
That’s what your spiritual counselor
Would tell you to do
Because what else is there to do
But begin again
Rise again
Be born again
See how it’s all connected
A circle
Your life is a circle
Your friend’s lives are circles
See how we’re running in circles
See how the past isn’t really what we thought
But we pretend it is anyway
And anyway what would you be without it
Without these scars that say
I’ve seen a thing or two, motherfucker

About the Author

Azia Archer is a writer and maker living in Minnesota. She is the author of the poetry chapbook ATOMS & EVERS (dancing girl press+shop). You can find her online via Twitter @aziaarcher