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Kim D. Bailey,
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August 21, 2017
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August 24, 2017

Whitney Museum, NYC

I can overlook his milk-paint skin, the gloomy gray eyes that never meet mine. His thumb-sized penis is cute. But I end our relationship when he calls my favorite Chagall “trite.” Anyone who glues thread to canvas and calls it “string painting,” has no right to use that word.



A spotlight snaps on inside the gender-neutral bathroom. Beneath its queasy green, a couple leans against the only stall, entwined, her leg hiked over his hip. “Excuse me,” I say. When they continue, I consider pulling up my skirt and squatting over the single urinal, but I’ve never used a urinal before and it doesn’t seem like a good time to start.


Lightner Museum, St. Augustine, Florida

A young man with a heavily-gelled mohawk, joins an elegantly dressed, middle-aged couple who sit at a table in the café. The woman and young man begin to kiss while the older man looks on. I leave them to hear a lecture on 19th-century rug making. When I return an hour later, the men kiss while the woman watches.

About the Author

Tina Barry is the author of Mall Flower, poetry and short fiction. Her writing appears in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, including Drunken Boat, (b)OINK, The American Poetry Journal, and The Best Small Fictions 2016. She is an editor and writing tutor living in upstate New York. Tina received her M.F.A. in 2014 from Long Island University, Brooklyn.