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October 8, 2018
Goodbye, Love: 8 songs about Grief
October 9, 2018

Homelessness stops time.

The brisk tick-tock of indoor living

Dissolves in wind and rain like the chalk

Scribbles no one pays for, bleeding on the road.




Draw me a vision of tomorrow

Where the paper is still clear, so

No painted tears blotch memories.

Draw it today.




Quantum Bloom


The petals fall like chatter

In the silent room

Poetry is a one-hand clap

The empty vase sings calm





Tempted by the drop. A publication notice

Holds me back, drinks me safe like coffee.

The cliff top gulps and lets me go. So I am.

This is how we stay alive, one poem at a time.





Here the word is park, not a parking space.

Emigration is an endless series of noticing

Not who you are or were, but how

Life seeps difference. Parked here, for now.

Ann Rosenthal has PTSD due to chronic domestic violence in childhood and adulthood. She has publications upcoming in Chronically Lit, amongst other disability magazines. Her poetry and artwork is currently featured in a national exhibition in New Zealand focusing on survivors of domestic violence.