Leah Vitello
5 micropoems by Leah Vitello| #thesideshow
September 27, 2016
Translations of Instability by Niki Leith
Translations of Instability by Niki Leith | nonfiction | #thesideshow
September 28, 2016

Sketchophobia #3 I Won’t, But If You Must…| Lexi Spino

Lexi Spino

If you must move on please…find someone who truly sees you. Find someone willing to wait long enough to really get to know you. Find someone who will find it cute when you’re nervous and your eyes dart back and forth from the other person’s eyes not sure which one to focus on and then you sheepishly look down. Someone who will find it cute how you chew on your hair when you’re focused, and hide behind it when you blush. Someone who understands that when you’re mad you don’t like being touched but secretly that’s what you need, someone who will take the time to find the balance between that contradiction. Someone who is willing to know that when you’re upset you need space but you also need them to be persistent with you so you know they’re still there, someone who understands that you have a fear of loss and abandonment but you just won’t ever say it. Someone who will take the time to realize that everything fascinates you but also equally scares you so you want to learn but they need to be slow and patient and let you do it on your own timing. Who will understand that your childlike act comes from your fears and you need them accept that part of you because it’s the only way you know how to deal with certain things…that your demons may be contained far behind you but once they are let ahead it will take much longer than a week for you to get them behind you again. Someone who will understand your mood swings…not only understand but love them…enjoy them…someone who is willing to act like a kid with you one minute and then have a serious discussion about how humanity is failing as a whole the next. Find someone who finds your innocence beautiful. Someone who likes that you much prefer being the little spoon…someone who will love holding you…and will accept that you’re the one who lays across the lap in the relationship. Someone who will support your music and actually comes see you play, and will stand there in the crowd proud to be there for you. Someone who will find your intelligence amazing…who will take the time to look past your acts and realize that you actually are incredibly smart. Someone else who pays attention to the details. Someone who holds your same beliefs about materialism…or at least is willing to listen to your beliefs and understand them. Someone who will find that your weaknesses bring strength…that you do have willpower it just works differently. Someone who will let you be you and never talk down on you for it. Someone who will accept your friends and not meddle with those relationships. Find someone who understands the importance in intense moments…who knows that every moment for you is intense and filled with emotion…and someone who is okay with the fact that you are still learning how to show that emotion. Please if you must move on…find someone who is willing to truly see you.