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Sketchophobia # 5 What is Sketchophobia | Lexi Spino

Lexi Spino

Sketchophobia is the fear of all things sketchy. These things could be real, or made up within someone’s head out of anxiety, depression, fear, etc. Sketchy does not necessarily mean a shady or questionable situation that could be dangerous or just bad company in general. It could also refer to things that can make someone feel sketchy, i.e. social anxiety…mania…etc.

I came up with this word as a name for my column due to the fact that I wanted to leave the topic of what I write and how I write completely open each time. I admit to being another baby boomer screwed over mental disordered mid twenties life kinda almost heading nowhere 21st century human. I live my life in this constant state of Skectchophobia. People who are like me, and artist of any sort, tend to feel things very intensified and very different from the “norm”. To me even a good time can lead to this. For example last night I went to a garage Halloween punk show, and I had a blast…but I also felt a little disconnected, not one of them so to say. Everywhere I go, everything I do…this follows me. These intense emotions, these moments are what I was trying to convey in this blog. Some of them may seem like rants. Some of them may be stories. Some might seem like poetry. It’s whatever I am going through that week that I write about…not just quite in topic…but in style and metaphors. In format. The essence of each of my blogs should carry something different than the others with them.

When I first got offered this slot I spent almost a full day trying to think of something clever to title this column. Titles have always been important to me. I was at work spouting ideas out to my co worker basically having a panic attack over the whole thing. I was thinking about how kinda sad in a way it was that something as simple as deciding a Title for a column could stress me out that much and become such a big deal, which is then where I came up with the idea of Sketchophobia. So why now explain this instead of explaining it my first column? I originally wanted to kinda leave it open to interpretation by the readers, but the past couple weeks I have found myself having insomnia and binge watching Law and Order. The other night while four episodes in at three in the morning I found myself randomly thinking about Sketchophobia in depth. The word of course, not my column. That’s when I decided to give it an actual definition. That’s also when I decided that writing out an explanation on it this week would make a better read than a four paragraph long rant about my current obsession with Law and Order, like seriously nobody wants to hear about that.

So maybe this has given you a better insight on what I am trying to go for…maybe this was the most boring column I have posted yet. To be fair I am running on like 14 hours of sleep over 7 days so brain function is pretty much on dial up. But, if there’s anything you can take from this it’s that you will never know what is coming next and there has to be some excitement in that. Maybe next week will be a metaphoric poem about how I am convinced Aliens live behind my mom’s house. Maybe it will be a story about how a conversation I had with a friend earlier about making tuna salad turned into a conversation about butt stuff and how taking poops may just be the second best feeling in the world under sex. Or it could be some really depressing story on how I went back to the Devil again because love is an evil illogical concept. [For any of you wondering this is a reference to my very first column, those who read it, I have not forgotten I had made mention about telling the rest of that story.] No matter what, it will be Sketchophobic.

Lexi Lexi Spino is a 24 year old poet from the small sad town of York, PA. When she isn’t writing or slaying burritos at the locally owned shop Roburritos, she is moshing around local punk shows, running around like a five year old with her daughter, and judging/supporting other people’s art. She is currently in the middle of editing and publishing her second poetry book [her first one called I’m A Wanderer, Not A Runaway is still for sale though limited supply] and is also working on a novel that will most likely never be finished. Follow her on instagram at lexi.spino for upcoming shows and info on her second book, as well as witty one liners and drunk short poems. You can also find her on facebook at