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Sopphey Says #2 : How to Be Attractive

Sopphey Says # 4 Fatal Attractions by Sopphey Vance

Here at Sopphey Says I want to try keeping it real. So in interest of keeping it real I’m going to help us all out and write a very inconclusive list on how to be attractive. This list is not inclusive. This list can be seen as silly. I’ll save you the time and summarize the list in this sentence: to be attractive a person must be themselves in a manner that portrays confidence.

List time.

#1 Have Good Hygeine

According the universe of nonsensical wisdom and curiosity, to be attractive a person must have good hygeine. This includes bathing regularly or routinely to remove odor causing bacteria and unsightly yeast. This does mean cleaning behind your ear in and in between your toes. Depending on the genital you have, please rinse out with water and keep ventilated. Having an abundance of either can cause a person to seem less desirable or likeable. However, since the world is full of endless possibilities some persons can be attractive without general good hygiene. It really depends on how said person portrays their confidence.

#2 Be Well Mannered

Manners are nice. It can seem attractive if a person is courteous and well spoken. If a person is kind and gentle. However, it can seem attractive if a person is mean, speaks haphazardly, is rude, and rough. Everyone has a preference and they will most likely choose a person that most resembles that preference. The key here, as I will continue to say so in further paragraphs, is to keep such behavior consistent or consistently inconsistent. Nice people can be attractive. Mean people can be attractive. It comes down to how the individual portrays themselves.

#3 Be Dashing

Dashing is probably a word most people recognize from “Jingle Bells,” perhaps you’re familiar with the tune, “Dashing through the snow…” but a quick search just told me that dashing is to be attractive in a romantic and adventurous way. So that’s a direction I am taking this word in. To be dashing one doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic or adventurous. I want to say that a person can be a little mysterious to be dashing. A person can be a little adventurous, a little bit carefree and charismatic and a person can be neither of all those things. Dashing, or not, a person needs to be a reflection of who they are inside. Whatever their beliefs, their experiences, and feelings combined reflected upon their personality–that’s what it’s like to be dashing.

If I didn’t explain it well enough to be attractive a person must be themselves in a manner that portrays confidence. Now, you may have read this entire list and thought you knew it all already and that’s great. I’m not here to tell you what you know. But, I do want to add something. Feeling attractive or being attractive is not easy for everyone. It may not come easy, it absolutely does not come easy for myself.

I’m no expert in boosting confidence or helping people become attractive. However, what’s worked for me is having people believe in me. It’s those rare occasions when a man smiles at me and I just know things are running through his head. Or when a woman admits she likes me. I’m a little bit dull like that, I’ve required some form of outside belief. Definitively so, I’m growing to believe I’m attractive. And then if the believe is there, I’ll be attractive. Or I’ve always been attractive and now I’m starting to see that I am.

Perhaps that will work for others. Everyone is attractive to another person and the more they are themselves, the more confidence they will exude. And thus I’ll finish off with: to be attractive a person can just be themselves.

Sopphey Vance the poet, yarn artist, and legend resides in South Texas where he battles dragons and unicorns for Five 2 One Magazine.