FIVE: 2:ONE accepts submissions year round and puts out print issues quarterly in February, May, August and November. We also produce a daily online journal #thesideshow. We only take submissions via Submittable. DO NOT EMAIL US your submissions or they will not be READ. PERIOD.


For our quarterly issues we accept
  • Fiction(1,000 words or more)
  • Visual/Experimental/Written Poetry (120 words or more)
  • Nonfiction/essays/manifestos (1,000 words or more)
  • Black and White Art
For #thesideshow we accept
  • Flash fiction(1,000 words or less)
  • Visual/written/video/audio poetry words  (200 words or less)
  • Micro nonfiction
  • Audio/visual/video Art

FIVE:2:ONE believes that weird is dangerously close to being the coolest thing in the world! But, you may ask yourself what is weird? How did I get here? Well, the quirky is weird. Visual, concrete, conceptual, language, flarf, found poems, hybrid / cross genre audio poetry is weird and we adore that. Experimental and non narrative fiction is weirdly fantastic and we adore the hell out of that too, collage, surreal and experimental visual arts are weird too (so you get the idea) we like that as well. We also love pop culture references in anything because that’s weird and we like that too. Alright, so we like weird but also want work that explode with emotions. We want essays and manifestos full of life. We aren’t all serious here at F2O; not at all we want to laugh too. Send us your humor pieces, comics and political art . Send us philosophical works, scientific, political works. We want mad science in our stories, poems, art and essays. Show us something that nobody else has done. Basically, send us your most on point and dank af babies.
To be honest our mission statement is to have no mission statement and we are lax about it, but we have our preferences too. So, with that being said we’d prefer more e.e. cummings, Lyn Lifishin, Aimee Bender and Haruki Murakami and less Billy Collins, Nicholas Sparks and John Gresham . But, we aren’t opposed to what we call “normies” even so, they have to be different and must not be anywhere near Hallmark poetry or commercial fiction. As always we strive to publish authors who come from all walks of life and  who may be scooped aside by other magazines. This means we want to hear from more from experimental writers who are POC, LGTBQ, a woman/femme/nonbinary person, a neurodivergent person, a trauma survivor, a nonreligious/atheist/pagan person, or any other person that is often underrepresented in literature .  We want to make more space for you. We want  to hear your voice. 


F2O  is dedicated to living on the edge and is a huge believer of free speech. We believe in having an open forum for all people no matter what. Readers of F2O are of all colors, creeds, orientations, and nationalities that being said we have a few strict rules that we need to abide by.


p dir=”ltr”>As with anything there are certain boundaries that we will not cross for any reason. We don’t believe in hatred of any kind and will not tolerate any works that condone hatred or violence towards, race, sex, sexual orientation, creed or religious affiliation.  We do not want rape, bestially, pedophilia or necrophila in our works.  If any of these are submitted to us they will automatically be rejected and will NOT be considered for any reason.  So, don’t do it!






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