#thesideshow is Five 2 One’s online publication posting Micro-poetry or Flash fiction once a day. In addition we will be also posting art.  These are the very basic guidelines. For more on what we are looking for check out our Submittable

General Guidelines for #thesideshow

  •  5 submission per submitter. This means you can submit up to 5 total works. Either in one document or in 5 separate ones but do not submit them in separate submission forms
  • We DO NOT accept work that has been previously published in print or online. However, if you published it on Facebook or a blog that’s perfectly fine.
  • Simultaneous submissions are cool with us. Just let us know if your work been published elsewhere.
  • DO NOT write your name or contact info on the documents. We would like to keep everything blind from our editors.
  • Submit a short 3rd person  no longer than 100 words. Tell us all  about you or not. Whatever you want to include is fine. If you don’t write it in 3rd person we wil re-write it for you.
  • Five 2 One asks that any reprints give first publication credit.  Five 2 One holds First Serial rights and First North American Serial Rights
  • When you submit your, please note that all work   must be final and checked for grammatical and spelling errors.

  • Minor grammatical and spelling edits may be needed.  If they are you will be notified. 

  • We usually respond in  1-3 months depending on the how many submissions we are getting. This can sometimes be shorter or sometimes can be longer. But if you have any questions please use our Contact Us form, it’s the best way to get a hold of us.
  • We will not accept any works that are racist, sexist or works that bash people’s sexual orientation*(please see our submission policy)
  •  If you don’t  follow the general/individual guidelines you will automatically be declined.

Micropoetry Guidelines 

Though it isn’t exactly micropoetry we are now allowing 120 words instead of characters and  stretching the idea of micropoetry.  Anything more than 120 words will not be accepted for #thesideshow.

 Flash Fiction Guidelines

Flash-fiction pieces for #thesideshow are to be 1,000 words or less.  Anything more than 1,000 words in  flash fiction will not be accepted for #thesideshow.