Eric Cline
Gay-Man #3: What Do I Want in Gay Heroes? | Eric Cline
November 7, 2016
Sharon Webster
Micropoetry by Sharon Webster | #thesideshow
November 9, 2016

The Baboon of Liberty | Election Week | #thesideshow

Look up children
slipping past the belt of Orion
in his 2 passenger Astro-Car
arm in arm with a big tittied eco-feminist
The Baboon of Liberty goes riding!

Yes, Children
he was there to fight beside our heroic armies
arm in arm, brother by brother
as they held back the legions of fire crabs
armed only with teeth and a sharpened cock.
Its for your chocolate chip waffles he shed his blood
for your puppies
for your baseball
for your shitty music
for those cookies that are hard but get soft when you dip them in coffee
for that dick in your class who wastes half an hour talking about his semester in burma
and for roman candles
Praise be to the Baboon of liberty!

tight rope walker and smoker of Winstons
and praise be to our eternal president
who carried him deep in his star spangled womb
and birthed him, proclaiming:
“By the shimmering glow of his red baboon ass
my people will smile
and occasionally feel at peace”

See him ride off, children,
staring into the lusty eyes of that charming eco-feminist.
Raise your glass to the baboon of liberty
that shit sucking bastard
fuck stomping
dick digging
cunt chewing apple fucker
forever in our hearts.

About the Author:justin-evans-author-photo-2

Justin William Evans is a poet, playwright, and performer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is co-editor of Vanilla Sex Magazine and an ensemble member of XOXO. He is the co-creator of the experimental podcast, Mystery Meat.