#thesideshow April 3rd 2016 Political Culture, Or Democracy in America by Chad Crabtree- National Poetry Month day #3
April 3, 2016
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April 4, 2016

#thesideshow April 4th 2016 3 mircopoems by CL Bledsoe- National Poetry Day #4

3 poems by CL Bledsoe

3 Micropoems by CL Bledsoe

Erika Eiffel

The tower is not a phallus, it’s the iron tongue
of the Earth which tastes the void in the skies.

Tell me that any heart is softer than hers. Tell me
that she doesn’t feel as much for me as anyone.

Her gray bones are stronger than God’s, but you
go ahead and love your ghost. I love only the stark

cleanness of winter wafting from la dame de fer’s
form, the taste of iron on skin. The forgiving glint

of pure metal aching for the sky, pointing away
from the dirt we will rot our lives out upon.

Sports Cars in the Fast Lane

Bald men own the best cars. They don’t need
to worry about the wind mussing their hair.

The taste of exhaust in their throats, the smell
of yesterday screaming from the pavement

as they drive five miles under the speed limit

in the fast lane. I never blamed my mother
for passing down such a thick head of hair,

but gray don’t pay for a convertible.

I don’t even own a decent pair of sunglasses,
but I can squint with the best of them. Maybe

I should shave my head, buy a leather jacket.
Maybe I’ve grown distant from the light meant

to blow through that space where hair should be.


I Can’t Help But Notice

The life draining from your eyes as you glare
your disappointment in any given direction;

I’m sorry to tell you no one is meeting
your stare. They’re all too busy wondering

if the sky is blue because the ocean is blue,
or if it was something someone said once

that shouldn’t have been forgotten. Any lamp
can make a home warmer than a fireplace but

you must have the correct shade without
considering the obvious connotations. Where

do you think the truth is buried? If you dig
in regular intervals, will you find it? Or simply

ruin your lawn. You can always tell people
you’ve adopted burrow owls. They’re

endangered. Anyone would respect that.