#thesideshow August 19th 2015 …We Were Tight, Entwined by Steven Minchin
August 19, 2015
#thesideshow August 21st 2015 Shit Keeper by Natasha Narkiewicz
August 21, 2015

#thesideshow August 20th 2015 Apathetic Hope by Deanna Wright

Drooping, sagging, heavy eyes
Another day scraping yourself out of bed
Listless feelings accompanied with a sigh
Waiting for something more
But more isn’t on the agenda today
It never will, or shall be
Life is withering, defeating in nature
And it’s reserved a table for one
So days are rarely different
Spin cycle, rinse, dry repeat
Looped like a skipping record
And over and over it plays
That window you gaze out of
Loathsome, nagging boredom seeps
Hoping, praying, wishing for something novel
Waiting for something more
Glazed stare, blank expression
Monotony is a jail cell, steel bars and cold floor
Working, toiling, you don’t believe in it
Yet you still wait for something more


Deanna M. Wright lives in sunny Gilbert, Arizona. While she often indulges in playing video games; collecting assortments of batman paraphernalia; and relaxing with friends, family, and her boyfriend; she makes time to write. Her genres include fantasy, romance, and erotica. She also creates poetry.