#thesideshow August 6th 2015 Advanced Conversational French by Sara Adams
August 6, 2015
#thesideshow August 19th 2015 …We Were Tight, Entwined by Steven Minchin
August 19, 2015

#thesideshow August 7th 2015 His Bland Hallucinations by Sam Silva


For all of such bugs and rats of disease!
A fatigue which  flushes the bowels
in a seepage of gases
like holes in the Earth
till midnight brings
…the mating call of owls
like monkey chatter
in this grown over swamp
but muted through walls
and computer music
whereof I mutter prayer and song
and sing along
and scratch my balls
and fall asleep while the fever breaks
and the night air seeps in
which such horror calls.
Oh blind is the silhouette of now
for all of such bugs and rats and snakes…