#thesideshow February 19th 2016 Scenes from a Cruise by Mitchell Grabois
February 19, 2016
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February 22, 2016

#thesideshow February 20th 2016 What by Trish Hopkinson

After Sharon Olds poem “When”
by Trish Hopkinson

This is what is going to happen—
the lone woman will stop the
rattle, the death breath from the chimney hearth,
when she opens the damper, then turns the urn’s mouth out
with her wrists, cascading the grayed decay,
from there, the ashes flurry up and out, into the
orange remnants of autumn skyline,
she will watch from the window, as they dissipate
against the end of day, the seeping dark,
the moon’s edge, sharp as dying,
its frowning tip tilted toward Saturn.
She will dust the hearth with feathers,
turn away from the sad moon, its slivered glow
and the dust that was once her lover—
she will love no longer.