#thesideshow November 21st 2015 Out, spot by Christina Dalcher
November 21, 2015
#thesideshow January 2nd 2016 Skinny Mirror by Eric Silvera
January 2, 2016

#thesideshow January 1st 2016 Pain in the Neck by Jolie Mahan

he hacked into my main-frame with deft fingers
and plucked my brain’s stem from its spinal cord crater.
my anxious nervous system has no more parasympathy
for a man that knocks my vertebrae together
not like a backbone, but links to a chain
that he used to tie down mind-fucks
before they could possibly get away.

Jolie Mahan is an emerging artist living in Lancaster, PA. She feels inspired to write about the symptoms of her bipolar disorder, ranging from mood swings to paranoid delusions to psychosis in effort to make the weird  times feel productive and to dispel the stigma that threatens her self-concept. She’s philosophically trapped somewhere between primitive idealism and technological utopia, but lately she’s rooted by a rejection of the present since she can’t see it as anything but indeterminate and absurdly relative.